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Drift Model    
The drift model makes use of the mathematical core of the 'small drift model' of the German Federal Maritime Hydrographic Agency (BSH) and displays the calculated results in the easy-to-use front end of the VPS-System. For the German Bight, a quick forecast for the drift of oil and chemical spills, lost containers and other floating objects is thus possible.

Furthermore, it is possible to easily import the better calculation results of the complete drift model of the BSH Hamburg and the new SeaTrackWeb model into VPS and display them in the same way as animation. The BSH is set up for this data delivery for VPS, a telephone inquiry is sufficient.

A drifting oil slick is displayed as a light purple particle cloud. Sunken particles or oil particles that have washed ashore are displayed dark purple.

Every hour of the simulation, the modeled mid-points of the oil slick are marked, enabling a quick view of the course of the drift. As in the case of a recorder, the simulation can be replayed backward and forward, or specific points of time can be selected.

Above the map, the calculated chemical-physical parameters of the oil slick for each time point are displayed.

The full dataset of the simulation results is available in an separate table and can also be exported into other software applications.
Details der Simulation