N Sensitivity Mapping North Sea 2003 - 2007: Partners, Objectives Concepts Data Retrieval Evaluation Model VPS.sensi
O Sensitivity Mapping Baltic Sea 2001 - 2003: Partners, Objectives Concepts Data Retrieval Evaluation Model
VPS.sensi in VPS.system  
Operational Data for Pollution Response
The operational results of the evaluation model were developed in digital maps and integrated into the existing software VPS.system.
Each category of sensitivity has its own colour: magenta - extremely sensitive, red - highly sensitive, yellow - moderately sensitive and green - slightly sensitive.

The determined sensitivities are shown both for the coastline (line signature) and for the off-shore areas (area signature). The illustrations are depicted in the four seasons.
Areas of different sensitivity and the sensitivity of shore area around Fehmarn island
The deciding criterion is shown as symbol (see legend on the right)

This information is important for prioritisation of response measures, as well as for protection measures.

The deciding criterion for categorisation into one of the sensitivity categories is shown as a symbol on the respective line or in the respective area.  

Sensitivity map of the Jadebusen

The VPS.sensi Module

The menu tree of VPS.sensi in VPS.system
In order to enable access for a wide usergroup to the large amount of raw data and the detailed valuation process that formed the basis of the sensitivity computation, an additional VPS module - VPS.sensi, was developed.

To avoid complication and data overflow of the VPS.system software, VPS.sensi is designed as a software module to dock at the VPS,system. The illustration beside shows the menu tree of the VPS.sensi module.

salt marshes in aerial photo

Of course, all VPS technologies such as ClickInfo, MapTipps, and database-GIS links are available in VPS.sensi.
An additional function enables the user to mark more than one VPS.sensi database object in the GIS. 
ClickInfo on a VPS.sensi object
Mark objects of the VPS.sensi database in the GIS.