Sensitivity Mapping North Sea 2003 - 2007: Partners, Objectives Concepts Data Retrieval Evaluation Model VPS.sensi
Sensitivity Mapping Baltic Sea 2001 - 2003: Partners, Objectives Concepts Data Retrieval Evaluation Model
Sensitivity Mapping Baltic Sea: Partners and Objectives  

In case of accidents at sea, actions combating pollutants have to take place in a well-coordinated manner to be most effective. The computer aided Contingency Plan for Pollution Combating (abbreviation of the German name: VPS) that is already in place for the German part of the North and Baltic Seas contains a large amount of data to support fast decision-making in case of emergency.

Depending on the extent of maritime emergencies, it may become necessary to prioritise the protection or the cleaning of certain areas of shore and sea over other areas. The prioritisation must take place based on reliable data, which includes the biological sensitivity of the coastal areas.

For that reason sensitivity mapping of the German Baltic Sea region was undertaken by order of the five German coastal federal states

Free Hanseatic City of Bremen,
Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg ,
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania,
Lower Saxony and
Schleswig-Holstein as well as the 
Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure,

that were all represented by Central Command for Maritime Emergencies, Department 3, Germany.

The aims of the mapping were to evaluate the German Baltic Sea region in view of its sensitivity to oil and to distinguish between areas of various sensitivities.

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