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Response Manual    
The current paper-copy response manual contains existing information such as techical data, operating manuals, chemical attributes of pollutants, selected texts of laws, etc.
The internet version of this reponse manual is available on this website.
It provides information on, for example, exemplary response strategies, parameters of polluting materials handled in German ports, and suitable reponse equipment including their use.
The response manual is an integrated part of the VPS.system, but is also practical as a stand-alone application and is used on the internet.
There are also response proposals for the declared norm profiles, again linked with the database and the GIS.

Device Manual
A further manual anchored in VPS. system is the device manual, which contains descriptions, hints and recommendations for the most important device types, which are illustrated with photos from practice.

Document Library
In addition to the above-mentioned manuals, which are part of the VPS software, a document library has been available for some years now, whose documents are stored in the VPS database and updated with it.
This means that a flexible specialist library is now available in VPS. system, which is always up to date for all users.